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Heroes of the Storm!

Hey gaming world, Lemon here!

If you play MOBA’s like League of legends or Dota 2 then you have probably heard about blizzard’s Heroes of the Storm.
Well if you have been shying away from giving it a try..their new rewards in might change that.
All you have to do is log into the game and you can snag one of their “hero bundles”
These bundles contain 20 heroes centered around a theme of your choice! If you’re a league player you’ll understand why this is so satisfying.
I was a part of the alpha and have recently reinstalled and logged back in for this bundle.
When you log in you’ll receive 100 of their shop currency, which is just enough to purchase the bundle.
Personally I chose the flex bundle because it had Azmodan, Sylvanas, and Nova.
Despite choosing the bundle for these particular heroes, I ended up playing Greymane for a few hours.
ADC is my main role in league of legends and Greymane’s W, Inner Beast, was very satisfying to use. His kit has great flexibility and great single target output. To top things off, the ultimate that I chose is a high single target damage finishing ability…that RESETS on kill.¬†Greymane reminds me of Nidalee’s glory days…
On a side note..I normally I play Stitches because I loved Pudge in the original DOTA.

Here’s a Link for the offer!
Time for my nightly dose of league of legends solo queue…later gamers.
PS: I’m unsure about using acronyms…should I be typing Attack Damage Carry? Or should I put ADC* and make a Legend for every post? I’ll test around and listen out for opinions.

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Hello gaming world!

I’m Supreme Lemon!
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On this Blog I’ll often be discussing:
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